Our Team

Acadian Seaplants Maine is proud of the local team responsible for managing all of our Rockweed operations; from resource science, sustainable harvesting to community engagement and education.

Jacob Patryn, Director of Operations

Jacob Patryn is Maine’s Director of Operations. In this capacity, he is responsible for all day-to-day operations of Acadian’s harvest including logistics, transportation, community relations and the hiring of new and returning Harvesters.

Jacob’s favorite thing about his job: “I enjoy participating in keeping Maine’s working waterfront thriving. The sense of community and teamwork in Maine’s coastal vocations is unparalleled, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. There’s no office view I’d rather have than the one from the helm of a boat.”

Mike Shaw, Resource Manager

Mike Shaw is a Resource Manager responsible for Mechanical Harvesters and a crew of Hand Harvesters. In this capacity Mike supports Acadian Seaplants’ two Mechanical Harvesters in their operations including maintenance and logistics.

Mike’s favorite thing about his job: “I enjoy working in the many small fishing communities with many great people – building solid relationships.”

Joe Marzoll is Acadian’s Seasonal Resource Manager for Cobscook Bay. Joe runs a crew of Hand Harvesters and assists with the day-to-day operations of the harvest in the Cobscook region.

Alison Feibel, Maine Resource Technician

As Maine’s Resource Science Technician, Alison’s primary responsibilities include ensuring our harvesting remains sustainable. Towards that end, she works with the rest of Acadian’s seven-member science team to measure and assess the Rockweed beds throughout the areas we harvest, calculating and tracking overall biomass volume and condition.

Alison received her BA in Biology from the University of Chicago and her MSc in Environmental Science from the Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic university. Alison’s graduate work was focused on the effects of nutrient pollution on benthic and pelagic algae. Prior to earning her graduate degree, Alison worked in environmental policy and environmental education in Washington, DC. Most recently, Alison worked at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute designing and delivering marine science programs for students and coastal communities throughout Maine. At Acadian, she is helping develop the partnership with high schools in the areas we harvest, creating an understanding of the socio-economic benefits of the Rockweed Fishery to Maine’s rural coastal communities and helping to develop Maine’s next generation of seaweed scientists.

Alison grew up in Maine and has spent considerable time on the water both professionally and for fun. She has her scientific SCUBA certification and maintains her childhood love of tide pools. In her free time, Alison enjoys hiking, reading and baking sourdough bread.

Alison’s favorite thing about her job: “I love the challenges that come with working on the water and that my job requires me to spend much of the year exploring the Maine coastline. I’m constantly in awe of the beauty and resiliency of our coast and the organisms that live here.”

Britton Skuse, Field Assistant

As ASL Maine’s Field Assistant, Britton works with the resource science team to assess rockweed along the Maine coastline.

Britton grew up in Northeastern Michigan and made her way to Maine to attend Unity College. She completed her bachelor’s degree in biology in 2018 and began working seasonally for Acadian Seaplants that summer.

Outside of work, Britton enjoys attempting to cook gluten free dishes, reading cheesy romantic comedies and playing with other people’s pets.

Britton’s favorite thing about her job: “I love discovering new things each day by working in the intertidal zone. It’s humbling being apart of a science team committed to preserving and properly managing such an important natural resource.”