Rockweed harvesting plays a vital role in Maine’s fishing economy.

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Acadian Seaplants Maine

Acadian Seaplants Limited has been in business since 1981, and we’ve been sustainably harvesting ascophyllum nodosum (more commonly known as “rockweed”) in Maine since 2000. We create a wide range of environmentally friendly products for plant and animal health from the rockweed we harvest in Maine.

Our products are used in many ways. Farmers use our environmentally sustainable products to help protect their crops against drought and other stressors, while commercial animal producers and pet owners provide highly effective and all natural feed options with our animal feed products. People benefit from consuming our sea vegetables and from the products used in health and cosmetic industries. Many of our products are organically certified under USDA’s National Organic Regulations.

We operate in the Jonesport area, Eastport/Cobscook Bay, and upper Penobscot Bay; in all these communities we work hard to support local businesses and help drive the local economy.







Whenever possible we contract with Maine businesses – for trucking, boat building, engine repair/purchase, to name a few. We have five employees in Maine and we hire more than 30 harvesters every year, some of whom stay with us all year long. We are committed to Maine, its communities, environment and its working waterfront.


Acadian Seaplants Limited is a fully integrated, research-driven biotech manufacturer of unique cultivated sea vegetables; functional ingredients for global human health and cosmetic industries, animal feed and crop biostimulant sectors. This means we sustainably harvest Rockweed and add value by creating environmentally friendly products for people, animals and plants. Our Head Office, Research and Development Center and three processing facilities are in Nova Scotia and in addition to Maine, we have operations in New Brunswick, Ireland and Scotland.

We are often asked what we do with the seaweed we purchase from Harvesters. The following infographic depicts the process we follow that starts even before the harvest takes place to how the seaweed is transformed into sustainably sourced products.

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